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Yo daddy like an arcade game give him a quarter and you can play with his joystick
Dylan White, North Lincolnshire

Yo daddy so old him and jesus played together

Yo daddy so fat even his dick has rolls
Dylan White, North Lincolnshire

Yo daddy so black that when he stepped out of the car oil changed.
jasmine, atlanta

Yo daddy is so ugly even crap ran
Taylor, Utah

Yo daddy so old he has to stick it in the freezer just to get a hard on!!!! - Travis, Yellville, AR, USA

Yo daddy so old on his birth certificate it says expired - Kaasim, England

Yo daddy so stupid, he put a peephole in a glass door!

Yo daddy dick so small when he paid for a hooker she charged him extra - Pinky, Charlotte, NC

Yo daddy so fat when he was playing hide and go seek with his daughter he had no place to hide - Bridgit, Ohio More Yo Daddy Jokes:

Yo daddy is so fat when he walks in front of the T.V and yo mama misses 15 of her favorite 1 hour episodes.

Yo daddy so fat he wears a size to be continued....

Yo daddy so hairy that when he went outside they mistook him for a bear.

Yo daddy so ugly its illegal for him to trick or treat.

Yo Daddy so short, he's always being mistaken for a midget.

Yo daddy so stupid at bottom of application where it says Sign Here - he put Saggitarius!

Yo daddy so fat, waitresses take his order in shorthand!

Yo daddy so fat when he travels he gotta make two trips!

Yo daddy so fat he's got more chins than a Hong Kong phonebook!

Yo daddy so fat he's on both sides of the family!

Yo daddy so fat Alaska said "I thought we were the biggest state."

Yo daddy so dumb he went to the bulls game and said which one am I riding.

Yo daddy so dumb, when he read on his job application to not write below the dotted line he put "O.K."!

Yo daddy is so stupid he took a ruler to bed to see how long he slept.

Yo daddy so fat, when he goes to an all you can eat buffet, they have to install speed bumps!

Yo daddy is like a mounds bar -- he's got no nuts.

Yo mama is so lazy, she thinks a two-income family is where Yo Daddy has two jobs.

Yo daddy old he knew the Beatles when they were the New Kids on the Block!

Yo daddy is so bald, when he wears a turtleneck he looks like a broken condom.

Yo daddy is like cement, it takes him 2 days to get hard!

More Yo Daddy Jokes

Yo daddy so bad, when he was called for jury duty he was found guilty!

Yo daddy so ugly he threw a boomerang and it wouldn't come back!

Yo Mama is so stupid she married Yo Daddy!

Yo daddy so fat he sat on the corner and the police came by & said "break it up!"

Yo daddy so fat he was born with a silver shovel in his mouth!

Yo daddy so fat his belly button's got an echo!

Yo daddy so ugly, when he looked out the window the cops arrested him.

Yo daddy so stupid, he though fruit punch was a gay boxer.

Yo daddy so bald, you can see what's on his mind.

Yo daddy so bald, that he took a shower and got brain-washed.

Yo daddy so old and mean he owes Jesus a nickel!

Yo daddy is so bald, when I rub his head I can see the future.

Yo daddy so fat that when he was born, he gave the hospital stretch marks!

Yo daddy so hairy, small children think he's a beast.

Yo daddy so fat when he goes to the movie theatre he sits next to everybody!

Yo daddy ass is so big, he has to crap in a dumpster!

Yo daddy so stupid, bought a solar-powered flashlight!

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