What Kind Of Farter Are You?

  • Vain: You love the smell of your own farts.
  • Amiable: You love the smell of other people's farts.
  • Proud: You think your farts are exceptionally fine.
  • Shy: You release silent farts and then blush.
  • Impudent: You boldly fart out loud and then laugh.
  • Unfortunate: You try really hard to fart, but you poop instead.
  • Scientific: You fart regularly but you're concerned about pollution.
  • Nervous: You stop in the middle of your fart.
  • Honest: You admit that you farted but offer good medical reasons.
  • Dishonest: You far and then blame the dog.
  • Foolish: You suppress your farts for hours.
  • Thrifty: You always keep a couple of good farts in reserve.
  • Anti-Social: When the need arises, you excuse yourself from the room and fart in private.
  • Strategic: You fart and then conceal it with loud coughing.
  • Sadistic: You fart in bed and then pull the cover up over your partner's head.
  • Intellectual: You can determine from the smell of any fart exactly what food item had been consumed.
  • Athletic: You fart at the slightest exertion.
  • Miserable: You would love to let one out, but you are unable to fart.
  • Sensitive: You fart and then start crying.

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