Santa Claus Jokes

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As a little girl climbed onto Santa's lap, Santa asked theusual, "And what would you like for Christmas?"

The child stared at him open mouthed and horrified for a minute, then gasped: "Didn't you get my E-mail?"

What nationality is Santa Claus?
North Polish.

What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus?

Why does Scrooge love all of Santa's reindeer?
Because every buck is dear to him.

Why does Santa have a garden?
So he can HO!HO!HO!

Where do elves go to vote?
The North Poll.

Why did the elf put his bed into the fireplace?
He wanted to sleep like a log.

What did Santa Claus to all the toys on Christmas Eve?
"Okay everybody! Time to hit the sack!"

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