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Lots of new yo mama jokes, also referred to as yomama jokes or your mama jokes.

Yo mama so ugly she cant buy beauty products - Matt Violetrelm, TN

Yo mama so stupid, she climbed a tree to become a Branch Manager! - Loyal aka Loyality, Phoenix, AZ

Yo mama so dumb while I was walking down the street, I saw yo mama yellin at the mailbox, I asked her what was she doing, she said "Sending a voice mail"!! - Yasmine Williams, Greenville

Yo mama SOOOOOO ugly, even demons are scared of her - Jen TN

Yo mama got boomerang dentures and gets whip-lash everytime she puts em in! - Loyal aka Loyality, Phoenix, AZ

Your mama so fat when she farts a forest fire starts - Paige, FL Jax

More Yo Mama Jokes

Yo mama is so stupid she saw a bus full of white people she said stop that twinkey....from anthony

Yo mama so poor that she ate my shoes for dinner.

Yo mama so skinny she can hoola hoop through a cherio...from William, Miami

Yo momma so black that when we play hide and seek we can't see her...from Anfernee, Memphis

Yo mama and daddy so ugly when they got married no one came to their wedding...from Zakeia, Elliott, SC

Yo moma has so much hair under her arm pits when she goes to the barber shop thy say let me pick that afro!! from Hailey, Hallettsville, TX

Yo mamma so poor when I saw her kicking a can across the street I asked her what she was doing, she said "Moving"...from Wyatt, Columbus, Indiana

Yo mama's butt is so fat that she got arrested at the airport for having 200 pounds of crack...from Isiah, Rockisland, IL

Yo mama so big they considered using her as a tornado drill.

Yo mama so skinny her nipples touch.

Yo Mama so short, she has to get a running start to get up on the toilet.

Yo Mama's so stupid she failed a survey.

Yo Mama so stupid, she stopped at a stop sign and waited for it to say go.

Yo Mama's so stupid she stole a free sample.

Yo Mama so poor, she went to McDonald's and put a milkshake on layaway.

Yo Mama's so stupid that when she saw a "Wet Floor" sign she did.

Yo Mama so hairy, she looks like a Chia pet with a sweater on.

Yo Mama's so stupid she can't read an audio book.

Yo Momma so skinny, she turned sideways and disappeared.

Yo Mama's so stupid she thought Thailand was a men's clothing store.

Yo Mama so ugly, Yo daddy tosses the ugly stick and she fetches it every time.

Yo Mama's like a library - open to the public.

Yo Mama's so stupid she thought Meow Mix was a dance record by cats.

Yo Mama so old, she walked into an antique store and they kept her.

Yo Mama's so fat, when she backs up she beeps.

Yo Mama so fat, I gotta take three steps back just to see all of her.

Yo Mama's so fat she's on both sides of the family.

Yo Mama so fat, I ran around her twice and got lost.

Yo Mama's so fat her belly button has an echo.

Yo Mama so ugly, I took her to a haunted house and she came out with a job application.

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