New horse

I spent 8 or 9 months in Montana once, nearly ten years ago. I was a full time rodeo cowboy back then, riding bulls and bareback horses. Had a bull hook me pretty bad, bruised my kidneys among other things, and got lucky enough to find an older gent that was willing to give me a job on his ranch so I could heal up and make enough money to get back on the road.

Well I needed a horse, so went over to Dillion to visit a horse trader. Found a nice looking gelding, about 8 or 9 years old, and came to an agreement with fella on the price.

I was kinda puzzled when he told me that the horse didnt look to good. But he was what I thought a cow horse oughta look like, so I didnt pay any attention to him.

I put him in the trailer and took him back to the ranch. Next morning I saddle up for the days work, and we no more than get out of yard and the horse is tripping and stumbling on everything their is to trip on.

Two minutes later he runs smack dab into a tree!! I get off of him and wave my hand in front of his eyes, only to discover that horse is blind!!!!

Well, obviously Im pretty upset, and so is my boss, because I can't make a day on a blind horse. So we haul the gelding back to Dillion, to the mans house, and I tell him I want my money back. And some extra for the missed days work. Im telling you I was sore at him!

Well, the man looks at me, then he looks at the horse, then back to me, and says "Son, I told ya the hoss didnt look too good!"

Moral of the story, always look for those hidden truths.

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