Cajun Jokes

The first of our Cajun jokes is:

You Might be a Cajun If....

  • you start an angel food cake with a roux
  • watching the "wild kingdom" inspires you to write a cookbook
  • you think the head of the united nations is boudreaux/ boudreax-guillory
  • you think a lobster is a crawfish on steroids
  • you think ground hog day and boucherie day are the same holiday
  • you take a bite of 5-alarm Texas chili and reach for the Tabasco
  • fred's lounge in mamou means more to you than the grand ole opry
  • you pass up a trip abroad to go to the crawfish festival in breaux bridge
  • your children's favorite bedtime story begins "first you make a roux..."

  • your description of a gourmet dinner includes the words "deep fat fried."

  • your mama announces each morning, "well, I've got the rice cooking-what will we have for dinner?"
  • you greet your long lost friend at the Lafayette international airport with "iiiiieeeeeee!"

  • you sit down to eat boiled crawfish and your host says "don't eat the dead ones" and you know what he means
  • you don't know the real names of your friends, only their nicknames
  • you gave up Tabasco for lent
  • you know the difference between zatarains, zeringue, and zydeco
  • your dog thinks the bed of your pickup is his kennel
  • any of your dessert recipes call for jalapenos
  • you consider Opelousas the capital of the state, and Lafayette the capital of the nation
  • you think the four seasons are: duck, rabbit, deer, squirrel.

Other Cajun Jokes

80 Mile an Hour Ticket

Boudreaux and Marie were speeding along on the Interstate 10, high rise bridge over Whisky Bay when Boudreaux saw the red-light flashing in the rearview window.

Boudreaux pulled over as well as he could to the side of the bridge.

The State Trooper walked up to the window with his clipboard in his hand. He asked, "Did you know that you were going 80 miles an hour and the speed limit on this bridge is 60?"

Boudreaux looked at the carpet of the truck for the cigarette he dropped. He said, "Nope. I was going 60."

The Trooper sounded fed up as he looked at his clip board and said, "Nope. I clocked you at 80."

The trooper looked over at Marie sitting looking out of the passenger window at the cypress trees in the water. The Trooper said,"Mam, I clocked the man at 80. He said he was going 60. Now you tell me. Was he going 60 or 80?"

Marie said, "I never argue with Boudreaux when he's been drinking."

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