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40th Birthday Jokes
Know someone who is approaching 40? Put a smile on their face with one of our 40th Birthday Jokes
Army Jokes
Army Jokes - one liners, quips, quotes and jokes.
Bathroom Jokes
Get yourself ready for some bathroom jokes and toilet humor.
Canadian Jokes
Canadian Jokes - here's some true canadian humor
Cajun Jokes
Funny Cajun Jokes - including you might be Cajun if...
Cell Phone Jokes
Cell phone jokes and funny photos for your entertainment.
Chuck Norris Jokes
Chuck Norris Jokes - loads of funny jokes featuring Chuck Norris
Yo Daddy Jokes
Yo Daddy Jokes - lots of Yo Daddy Jokes
Funny Christmas Jokes
Funny Christmas Jokes - seasonal jokes for all
Church Jokes
Church Jokes - religious humor for all...
Clean Blonde Jokes
Clean Blonde Jokes - here's a selection of clean dumb blonde jokes
Funny Kid Jokes
Our funny kid jokes will make you groan with laughter, no matter what your age!
Funny One Line Jokes
Looking for some funny one line jokes - we have lots! Includes witty quotes, jokes, riddles and imponderables.
Halloween Joke
Looking for a Halloween Joke? You've come to the right place.
Hockey Jokes
Hilarious Hockey Jokes
Horse Jokes
For all those horse lovers out there - here are our horse jokes.
Funny Irish Jokes
Our funny irish jokes will make you laugh out loud
Jesus Jokes
Jesus Jokes - a collection of Jesus Jokes
Little Johny Jokes
A hilarious selection of little johny jokes.
Knock Knock Jokes for Kids
Knock Knock Jokes for Kids
New Yo Mama Jokes
Check out our new yo mama jokes
Math Joke
Looking for a funny math joke?
Jokes About Men
Jokes About Men - funny men jokes
Mexican Jokes
Mexican jokes - lots of funny mexican jokes
Mental Health Jokes
Maintain a healthy level of insanity with our funny mental health jokes.
Michael Jackson Jokes
Have a laugh with our Michael Jackson Jokes and pictures
Over The Hill Jokes
Over the Hill Jokes: you know you're over the hill when...
Pirate Jokes
All aboard for some pirate jokes humour
Priceless Joke
Looking for a priceless joke - here are a few to get you giggling...
Funny Redneck Jokes
Funny Redneck Jokes - featuring humorous stories and poems
Santa Claus Jokes
Santa Claus Jokes, cartoons and pics
Scary Jokes
Be prepared to be scared, or just laugh yourself silly with this selection of scary jokes!
Short Funny Jokes
Our collection of Short Funny Jokes are guaranteed to make you laugh...
Jokes About Women
Jokes About Women - a range of jokes about women
Wife Jokes
For all you married folks out there - here are some great wife jokes
Very Funny Jokes
This page features very funny jokes and picture jokes on a wide range of subjects
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